identification Evaluation and Revival of the Acoustical heritage of ancient Theatres and Odea
INCO-MED / Cultural Heritage Project

> VRlab-team: Zerrin Celebi Ghavami, Rachel Cêtre, Branislav Ulicny, Pablo de Heras Ciechomski, Sébastien Schertenleib, Jonathan Maïm, Mireille Clavien.

> My contributions:
- Virtual Humans design: 15 meshes of Romans (gender and social classes), optimized for realtime crowd (low polygonal), with skin deformations
- For each social-class&gender, design a set of textures and color variety parameters
- Storyboard of the realtime simulation
- Large set of animations (over 200) with gender and social-class variations
- Testing and fine-tuning of final real-time simulation (VHD++)
- demo video capture and editing